5 X 3 Panel Truss Video Wall

5 X 3 Panel on Truss Video Wall
5 X 3 Panel on Truss5 X 3 Panel on Truss Video WallFlown Video Wall example
Main image is a mock-up of actual Video Wall to be rented to customers. Images of Truss Supported Video Wall are not the same size as the 5 X 3 Panel Video Wall rental but are a Video Wall application example.

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5 X 3 Panel on Truss Video Wall

This 16:9 Ratio feature a total of 15 Di-Color U6 L.E.D. Video Panels. 5 Panels across horizontally and 3 Panels down vertically. (8.20’ x 4.92’) The rental of this video wall comes complete with all the necessary hardware and processing components to power the wall as well as the transmission of your video signal input to the video wall itself. The items are listed below.

List of equipment included in this rental:

  • 15 – DiColor U6 panels plus 3 extra panels for backup. Flight cases included.
  • Global Trussing to support video wall. 1 – 10′ 12" Box truss (w/ sandbags)
  • 2 – 90lb. Truss Base Plates.
  • All truss accessories i.e. nuts, bolts wrench…
  • 628 Pro & Dual Drivers or 628 Standard & Dual Driver.
  • Video Wall Distribution Unit along with the necessary cables .
  • 3 – 1/4 Ton Chain Motors with motor control cables.
note: Adequate electricity and space for set up to be provided by the client renting the video wall(s). Ask your BPLSV consultant for further information.