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Adamson CB-1
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Adamson CB-1

The Adamson CB1 is a 2-way passive enclosure speaker, designed to be used as a single source, which produces a 90-degree by 60-degree coverage pattern. Featuring one Adamson ND8-B 8.5-inch Kevlar, neodymium LF driver and a 1-inch high frequency compression driver mounted on a rotatable constant directivity horn, the CB1 incorporates its own internal crossover and may be positioned horizontally or vertically without affecting the dispersion characteristics – simply unscrew the waveguide to adjust horn orientation. Originally designed for installations at the Orange Cinema outdoor theaters in Bern and Zurich, Switzerland, the compact, versatile enclosure is ideally suited to a variety of both live and install sound applications, and is also appropriate for use in a distributed system. The rectangular CB1 weighs 26lbs, and is available with custom mounting options for both rigging and dual NL4 connectors.


  • Adamson ND8-B 8.5-inch Kevlar-Neodymium LF driver
  • Frequency response of 80Hz to 18kHz
  • Rotatable constant directivity horn
  • 1-inch Neodymium HF driver
  • Internal Crossover
  • Custom mounting options


  • Live sound reproduction
  • Theater Surround Systems
  • Corporate
  • Houses of worship
  • Clubs and Theatres