Adamson Metrix Compact Line Array

Adamson Metrix Compact Line Array


Adamson Metrix Compact Line Array

Adamson Metrix Compact Line Array    
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Adamson Metrix Compact Line Array

The Adamson Metrix W is an ultra compact 2 -way true line source array which provides unmatched clarity for speech reinforcement. The 15-degree trapezoidal cabinet design makes it easy to achieve extreme downward angles at the bottom of an array – ensuring optimal coverage in the front rows – and is perfect for use in wide vertical coverage array designs (for instance, in theaters with multiple balconies).

Similar to the high-end SpekTrix W, the Metrix W encompasses a newly designed Adamson ND8-ML 8.5” Kevlar neodymium mid-low frequency driver optimized for this 2-way enclosure, and B&C’s brand new DE800 1.4” HF compression driver with an Adamson’s patented high frequency wave shaping chamber. The result is clear, clean high end, with a full and warm mid-range.

The Metrix series is an effective and economical choice for smaller installations in venues such as houses of worship, congress centers and for use at corporate gigs; where superior speech reinforcement, medium sound pressure levels, and exceptional clarity are a must. Metrix makes for an impeccable main P.A. system for smaller touring applications such as for theatre & dance companies, when used in conjunction with the Metrix double 15” sub woofer, as well as a front-, side-, or stage-fill box for full-sized touring applications.

The enclosure design complements the permanent installation market where sightline and visual distractions are not an option.

The Metrix W is light and simple enough to be rigged by a single person.
The Metrix W is recommended to be flown, using the carefully designed, integrated AIR rigging system, which allows 3 various rigging angles between each enclosure.

For an economical option, the Metrix W-i, debuts the EIR™ ‘Enclosed Installation Rigging’ system for venues looking for lower cost options, without sacrificing sound quality.

The Metrix W is light and simple enough to be rigged by a single person. Accessories include a custom flight case which fits either 4 Metrix cabinets or 3 Metrix cabinets with a single W enclosure.


  • 15-degree Trapezoidal Cabinet Design
  • Adamson’s patented wave shaping sound chamber
  • 8.5” Kevlar Neodymium L/MF Driver
  • 1.4” B&C Compression Driver
  • Adamson Integrated Rigging (AIR™) System Metrix W-t
  • Adamson Enclosed Installation Rigging (EIR™) System in Metrix W-i
  • Black aluminum rigging frame


  • Small to Medium Permanent Installations
  • Houses of Worship
  • Theatres and Nightclubs
  • Fill arrays in Large Format Tours
  • Main PA in Smaller Touring Applications