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This ultra compact line array cabinet is a convertible cardioid Sub; a single-sided box that can be arrayed conventionally or arrayed in back-to-front pairs for true cardioid performance. The Metrix Sub is equipped with two newly designed, powerful 15” ND15-L Kevlar Neodymium bass drivers, mounted in a tuned, vented and fully braced cabinet.

There are two Metrix Sub versions: the -t and the -i.

The Metrix Sub-t features precision-machined, rigging hardware that recesses into the cabinet when not in use and works in conjunction with other AIR™ system rigging elements to allow for a variety of configurations – attach the subs to the rigging frame and hang the Metrix-t or the Metrix-i enclosures underneath them, or place your subs directly on the floor and ground stack your array securely on top using the same rigging frame.

Metrix Sub-t is flyable within the same array, or behind the main array (using a second frame and a frame link adapter) when trim heights are limited.

A Metrix ‘Install Adapter Plate’ is available when wanting to fly the Metrix Sub-t in the same array with the Metrix-i or Metrix W -i enclosures.

The ‘-touring’ friendly Metrix Sub-t loads in pairs on an optional wooden dolly board which has been designed to ensure safe truck pack. Metrix Sub-t accessories include waterproof soft covers and lightweight powder coated aluminum rigging frame with a single movable pick point.

For a cost effective ‘-installation’ solution the Metrix Sub-i features no rigging hardware and therefore is a suitable option as a free standing low-end extension only.

A Metrix ‘Frame Link Adapter’ is available for connecting 2 frames together.


  • Switchible conventional or true cardioid performance
  • 2 powerful 15” Adamson ND15-L Kevlar Neodymium bass drivers
  • Adamson Integrated Rigging (AIR™) System ‘revolving disk rigging’
  • Black aluminum rigging frame


  • Small to Medium Permanent Installations
  • Houses of Worship
  • Theatres and Nightclubs
  • Fill arrays in Large Format Tours
  • Main PA in Smaller Touring Applications

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