Adamson Spektrix Sub

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A compact, sub-bass loudspeaker designed to provide high SPL extended bass to Adamson SpekTrix line array cabinets, the SpekTrix Sub is the first Adamson enclosure to introduce Convertible Cardioid Technology, and is a single-sided box that can be arrayed conventionally (all facing the same way) or can be arrayed in back-to-front pairs for true cardioid performance. The SpekTrix Sub is equipped with two powerful AW18 Kevlar bass drivers in a tuned, vented enclosure.

The cabinet is fully braced to minimize LF resonance and maximize efficiency. Four sets of captured, precision-machined aluminum rigging hardware are spring-loaded and retract into the cabinet body when not in use; and four NL8 connectors (two front, two back) enable easy cable loop-thru regardless of the sub’s orientation.

 Live Sound Reproduction
 Drum Fill & Side Fill Monitoring
 Houses of Worship
 Clubs Installation

 Dual AW18 18″ Kevlar bass drivers
 Frequency Response of 40 – 170Hz
 Conventional or True Cardioid Performance
 Adamson Integrated Rigging System
 Efficient Cabinet Design
 Durable, Dual Component Finish
 Aluminum Dolly Board for Two Enclosures
 Easy Truck Pack