Adamson Spektrix W

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Adamson’s SpekTrix W brings a new element of versatility to the SpekTrix compact line array series, while offering all the benefits of line-source technology via its patented Adamson wave shaping sound chamber.

The 15-degree trapezoidal cabinet design makes it easy to achieve extreme downward angles at the bottom of an array – ensuring optimal coverage in the front rows – and is perfect for use in wide vertical coverage array designs (for instance, in theaters with multiple balconies).

The three-way cabinet exhibits extremely high output for a compact box, and incorporates two unique Adamson 8.5″ Kevlar, neodymium drivers – one ND8-L mid-bass driver and one ND8-M mid-range driver – and a 1.5″ compression driver mounted on an Adamson wave shaping sound chamber. The sound chamber produces a slightly curved iso-phase wave front, and has a defined coverage pattern of 15-degrees vertical by 120-degrees horizontal.

The SpekTrix W features AIR™ (Adamson Integrated Rigging) system flying hardware, with three precise rigging angles on a revolving disk. As with all AIR™ system hardware, there’s nothing to misplace – everything is attached and recessed within the enclosure, and virtually unnoticeable when arrayed.

Suitable for touring applications, various fill requirements and installation in clubs, theaters and houses of worship, the SpekTrix W raises the bar and delivers the full features and flexibility you need in a compact system.

 Various Fill Applications
 Wide Vertical Coverage Array Design
 Live Sound Reproduction
 Houses of Worship
 Theaters & Clubs

 AIR™ System Precision Flying Hardware
 Full 3-Way Cabinet
 True Line Source
 Adamson Wave Shaping Sound Chamber
 Adamson ND8-L Kevlar-Neodymium LF Driver
 Adamson ND8-M Kevlar-Neodymium MF Driver
 1.5″ Neodymium HF Driver
 15-degree Trapezoidal Cabinet Design