Adamson T21 Arrayable Subwoofer


Adamson T21 Arrayable Subwoofer

Adamson T21 Arrayable Subwoofer    
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Adamson T21 Arrayable Subwoofer

The Adamson T-21 Sub is a line-arrayable bass cabinet designed to provide superior sub-bass extension for Y-Axis true line source systems. The T-21 subwoofer incorporates the newly-developed Adamson Symmetrical Drive multilayer 21″ Kevlar driver. The SD-21 system employs a balanced spider suspension with spiders at both ends of the coil assembly, resulting in extreme stability under high excursions. This double spider design utilizes a 6″ dual voice coil and powerful neodymium magnet to achieve superlative sensitivity. The T-21 Sub’s tuned enclosure is internally braced to minimize harmonics and distortion, and features innovative port geometry that increases efficiency, lowers turbulence and has reduced compression at high SPL. The T-21 enclosure may be flown or stacked, and can be easily configured into an arc that will not shadow the main line array. The cabinet design includes an AIR® rigging system with captured flying hardware that enables five precision rigging angles.


  • Line-arrayable bass cabinet
  • Fully Integrated Rigging
  • Massive 21″ Kevlar/Neodymium Drive
  • 6″ Dual Coil Symmetrical Drive
  • High Power/High SPL


  • Ideal Subwoofer Companion for the Y18
  • Live Concert Reproduction
  • Large Houses of Worship
  • Large Theatres
  • Large Clubs