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Adamson Spektrix Line-Array
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Adamson Spektrix Line-Array

Designed for optimal ease-of-use, the Adamson SpekTrix is a three-way active loudspeaker that employs two dedicated 8” Kevlar Neodymium drivers and one 1.4’ exit high frequency compression driver mounted on a proprietary wave shaping sound chamber. SpekTrix offers a defined coverage pattern of 120° x 5° (H x V).

The AIR™ rigging system is simple and effective, consisting of a laser-cut revolving disk allowing for 6 splay positions. The enclosure is also available with EIR™ installation rigging (-i), a plate system that reduces cost and weight.


    Frequency Range (+/-3 dB) 100 Hz – 18 kHz
    Nominal Directivity (-6 dB) H x V 120° x 5°
    Maximum Peak SPL** 139.1
    Components LF ND8-L 8” Kevlar Neodymium Mid-Bass Driver
    Components MF ND8-M 8” Kevlar Neodymium Midrange Driver
    Components HF B&C DE900 3" Diaphragm / 1.4” Exit Compression Driver
    Nominal Impedance LF 8 Ω
    Nominal Impedance MF 8 Ω
    Nominal Impedance HF 8 Ω
    Power Handling (AES / Peak) LF 250 / 1000 W
    Power Handling (AES / Peak) MF 250 / 1000 W
    Power Handling (AES / Peak) HF 110 / 440 W

    The AIR™ Revolving Disc System consists of laser cut steel precisely cut to accommodate 6 positions of splay.

    The EIR™ Plate System is a reduced cost and weight solution ideal for permanent installations.

    Connection 2x Speakon™ NL8
    Height Front (mm / in) 220 / 8.6
    Width (mm / in) 710 / 27.9
    Depth (mm / in) 480 / 18.9
    Weight (kg / lbs) 29 / 62 (-t), 23.6 / 52 (-i)
    Supported Processing Lake, XTA

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