Adamson Y10

Available for:  New Purchase, Rental, Event Production


Adamson Y10_01

The Y-10 is a sub-compact 3 way line array that is as powerful as a full sized array, featuring a single patented Adamson mid/high drive module (with 2 patents granted and 2 pending applications). The Adamson drive module has a co-axial entrance and a co-linear exit comprised of a high frequency sound chamber mounted within a mid frequency sound chamber. The drive module is powered by a proprietary 9″ Kevlar mid and a JBL 2451 compression driver. Together, the drive module and trapezoidal cabinet design create a smooth, slightly curved, seamless wave front with no gaps between cabinets.

The Y10 has a defined coverage pattern of 100 degrees by 5 degrees at -3db down. The vertical coverage is determined by the number of cabinets added to the array. The Y10 comes complete with a sliding hinge rigging system with six one-degree increments, you can achieve precise angular positioning by adjusting the extension of the sliding hinge while the front of the array remains closed.

Light aluminum dollies, and all the components for rigging the Y-Axis come standard. Y10 Waterproof Soft Covers with customized silkscreening and black powder coated aluminum rigging frames to support 16 or 24 Y10’s are available as optional accessories.

 Live Concert Reproduction
 Down fill for Y18
 Houses of Worship
 Large Clubs

 Two Adamson ND-10” L Kevlar Neodymium Drivers
 One JBL 2451 HF Driver
 The Adamson Co-Linear Drive Module
 One Adamson YX9 9 ” Kevlar MF Driver
 Aluminum Dolly Board
 Stainless/Aluminum Slide Hinge Rigging