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CAUTION: Known asthmatics or people having a low tolerance to fog producing products may be temporarily affected by a fog-filled environment. Use responsible levels of concentration in well ventilated areas to create light mist, not dense fog. Do not point fog machines directly into audience. Manufacturer disclaims any liability for misuse of “Atmospheres” fluid. Made in the USA
Antari FLG-4
$34.95 plus tax

FLG-4 Green Heavy Fog Fluid, 4 L

Antari Fog Liquid is a water-based composition that leaves no oily residue, preserving the longevity of your machines. All of the liquids are odorless, non-irritating, non-toxic, and non-flammable. Available in either 4 or twenty liter quantities. Antari FLG (Heavy Green) creates a moderately dense and durable fog, while Antari FLR (Light Red) produces a light fog which quickly disappears. Some liquid tanks can be replaced directly without filling. All Antari fog liquids are eco-friendly to our environment and safe for human contact.

Antari HFG High Performance Haze Fluid
$27.24 plus tax

SL-5A Premium Dry Snow Liquid, 5 Gal

Uniquely designed for the S-100II Snow Machine and S-200 silent machine, SL-5A produces fast-dissipating “snowflakes" without leaving any residue behind.


Chauvet HFG High Performance Haze Fluid
$24.99 plus tax

HFG High Performance Haze Fluid, 1 Gal

This new and improved haze fluid generates a thin mist that will make any area have a stunning effect
• Formulated specifically for use in all water-based haze machines
• Premium consistency and quality 
• Generates a thin mist of haze
• Will not stain or leave residue 
• Non-toxic, non-flammable and unscented


High End Systems HI5040005-1
$122.99 plus tax

Atmospheres Lighting Enhancement Fluid, 2.5 Gal

Atmospheres Fog Fluid has been created to provide a self-cleansing action in High End Systems, Inc. professional fog machines. Contamination size is kept to within five microns. The water contents of this fluid contains less than five parts per million mineral accumulation.

Dilution or combining this fluid with other substances may be unsafe and can cause premature machine failure. Formulation of this fluid is from polyfunctional alcohols regularly used by the food and cosmetics industries. This fluid has been tested and reviewed to be “not a significant hazard to the user” by an indepenent industrial hygiene laboratory..

High End Systems 50fd539c151
$26.99 plus tax

Atmospheres Lighting Enhancement Fluid, 2 L

Atmospheres Fog Fluid comes in two different types, this “stage” version was developed to produce a shorter hang time and a slightly less dense cloud of fog when compared to the original “HQ” formulation.  The Atmospheres fog fluid line is for use with High End’s FQ-100 or F-100 (discontinued version) Fog Machines.

• Water based fluid

Le Maitre Global Long Lasting Smoke Fluid
$32.99 plus tax

Le Maitre Global Long Lasting Smoke Fluid, 4 L

Produces a thick, white, practically odourless fog with a long hang time. Suitable for G300, GForce 1/2/3, G150, G100 and Speedfogger fog machines.

Le Maitre’s fluid is water-based and completely safe to use on live stage performances. Le Maitre has participated in several reports on equipment guidelines, calibration and health effects on the use of theatrical smoke and haze as prepared by bodies including ESTA and Environ and copies of these reports can be found on the Equity Website.