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Mega Systems Inc. H1 Hazer

H1 Hazer
H1 Hazer

H1 Hazer H1 Hazer H1 Hazer

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Mega Systems Inc. H1 Hazer

Enhance the appearance of beams and lighting fixtures or create a special effect with the H1 Hazer. This new compact yet powerful hazer from Mega-FX creates haze with long hang times and even particle dispersion. At full intensity, the H1 Hazer can quickly fill up a space with haze at 9,000 cubic feet per minute. And, it is warmed up and ready for use in just 1 minute. The H1 Hazer holds 1/4 gallon of Mega Nectar, our signature water-based haze fluid designed to not leave behind residue on surrounding surfaces.


DMX Connectors:



Maximum ambient temperature – 104° F (40° C)
Maximum surface temperature – 140° F (60° C)

Fastening System:

Floor mounted



Power Connection:

Cable mounted Nema 5-15


110V AC

Power Rating:


Power Consumption:

6 amps
702 watts

Heating Time:

1 minute

Smoke Output:

9000 CuFt/Min

Tank Capacity:

1/4 gallon

Wireless Controller:

2 button nickel controller