High End Systems Studio Spot 250s with Cases USED

High End Systems Studio Spot 250s with Cases Used

Studio Spot 250
2 - High End Systems Studio Spot 250s with Case USED

2 - High End Systems Studio Spot 250s with Case USED 2 - High End Systems Studio Spot 250s with Case USED 2 - High End Systems Studio Spot 250s with Case USED
2 - High End Systems Studio Spot 250s with Case USED    

2 with Flight Case For$1comma200.00plus Shipping & tax

8 with Flight Cases For$3comma999.00plus Shipping & tax

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8 – High End Systems Studio Spot 250s with Cases USED

Studio Spot 250 fixtures use a high-efficiency optical configuration with a patented reflector and optical train to produce sharp, high contrast images. Shipped standard with Studio Spot 250 are seven high-resolution LithoPatterns ® which allow full rotating and indexing. Over the litho, you can superimpose a secondary static or rotating litho for moiré and morphing effects. Studio Spot 250 also includes an iris for even more control over image and beam size. Each Studio Spot 250 is fitted with a 13-position color wheel and a 5-position, rotating effects wheel which includes prisms and effects glass as standard.The Studio Color 250 fixture is a soft-focus companion to the Studio Spot 250. Studio Color 250 uses the same yoke mechanism, electronics, and optical system as Studio Spot 250, and produces over 7,000 lumens. Fitted with a full CYM (cyan, yellow, and magenta) subtractive color mixing system, Studio Color 250 also includes six independent colors (including a black light filter) to supplement its spectrum of colors. A lenticular effect wheel allows variable horizontal and vertical beam shaping.

  • Two user types (A and B) per fixture, each with an on-board 16 scene memory for a total of 32 scene memory per fixture in stand-alone mode.
  • High-resolution DMX 512 control.
  • Easy-to-program alphanumeric LED (light emitting diode) display.
  • DMX macro channel factory-programmed with unique combinations of constructs including functions such as ballyhoos and lazy-eight movements – functions which, in the past, could be accomplished only with the use of top of the range controllers.
  • Iris that provides full control over beam size.
  • Both 3-pin and 5-pin XLR connectors.
  • Factory-programmed fixture demo built in as a preset default while in stand-alone mode.
  • High efficiency, 2000 hour MSD250/2 lamp developed by Philips ® in conjunction with High End Systems®, Inc.
    Motion range of 570° pan and 270° tilt.
  • Exclusive Lightwave Research® multi-phase technology and optical encoders to automatically correct the beam’s position if the fixture’s head is jarred from its programmed position.
  • High efficiency reflector and optical train providing over 4,000 total lumens.
  • Color wheel that includes 12 positions (plus open) and allows for easy dichroic filter changes. Colors chosen to match the Technobeam® automated luminaire.
  • Fully rotating and indexing litho wheel that includes 7 positions (plus open) and allows for easy litho changes.
  • Double-stacking litho options for moiré and morphing effects.
  • Fully rotating effects wheel with four positions (plus open) including frost, 3-way prism, infinity prism, and distortion art glass.
  • Enhanced construct parameters including ramp/snap, random, and spin functions.
  • Projector sharp, high contrast output.
  • Factory-installed 18° lens with optional lens sets available as accessories.*
  • Time code synchronization in stand-alone mode via master/slave links to any combination of Technobeam, Studio Spot®, Studio Color 250, and Studio Spot 250 fixtures.
  • DMX analyzer for easy DMX troubleshooting.
  • Variable-speed strobe.
  • Full dimming and fade-to-black.
  • Remote focus.
  • LED status indicators.
  • Precision stepper motors used to control iris, shutter, color, and effects wheels.
  • Remote fixture power up and shut down.
  • Optional Laser Aiming Device (LAD™) for beam positioning in daylight or high ambient light conditions.

    *All beam angles are accurate to ±1°