Hitachi P50H401

Hitachi P50H401
P50H401Hitachi P50H401Hitachi P50H401
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Hitachi P50H401

Hitachi’s new HD1080 50-inch HDTV (model P50H401) incorporates breakthrough technology that is the result of extensive research and development and more than 1,300 patents for flat panel technologies. 2007 will mark Hitachi’s 51st year of television production. By engineering a new method of energizing pixels on a panel, Hitachi has improved picture quality by increasing the resolution to match the dominant 1080 HDTV broadcast format in the vertical domain. The new TV will feature a total of 1.3 million pixels utilizing a 1280×1080 pixel array.

All models include Hitachi’s fourth generation 1080p PictureMaster™ IV video processor that analyzes and optimizes the picture with dynamic histogram processing and 16-bit clarity and new for 2007 MPEG noise reduction — all of which means that the viewer will see a clean and vivid picture. All 2007 flat panel models include three 1080p-compatible HDMITM inputs with SimplayHDTM certification so that consumers can have confidence that they will be able to display the latest digital content with state of the art reliability.


  • Enjoy big games and big entertainment on this Hitachi 50-inch plasma HDTV
  • Television features HD1080 high-definition display
  • Entertainment appliance has ClearWindow plasma technology
  • High-aperture pixel design
  • PictureMaster HD IV video processor
  • MPEG noise resolution
  • Dynamic contrast
  • Dynamic histogram processing
  • 16 bit/281 trillion color capability
  • Automatic 3:2 film enhancement
  • 4 HD aspect modes
  • 6 SD aspect modes
  • Quick start seamless HDTV (ATSC) and NTSC tuner
  • Digital cable ready (QAM)
  • Pure HDTV blue and red
  • 3 preset color temperatures
  • 4-step black enhancement
  • 10-bit digital 4MB 3D Y/C comb filter
  • Anti-reflective screen
  • Natural color Convenience Features
  • 2 wideband component video inputs
  • Fixed tabletop stand
  • Day dynamic/Day and Night memory by input with timer
  • Preprogrammed remote control
  • Front panel menu controls
  • 3-language On-screen display
  • Parental locks (downloadable V-chip)
  • Closed caption decoder
  • On/sleep timers
  • Auto link input sensor
  • Discrete IR codes
  • Multiple picture orbiting options
  • MTS stereo SAP with DBX
  • Simulated surround sound
  • Bass boost
  • 20-Watt speaker system
  • Mute and soft mute
  • TV-as-center speaker
  • All inputs (L/Mono)
  • Resolution: 1280 x 1080 x3
  • FCC Rating: Class B for consumer use
  • Monitor weight: 103 pounds
  • Weight with stand: 117 pounds
  • 32 inches high x 49 inches wide x 5 inches deep

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