Leviton NSI – DDS-5600

Leviton NSI – DDS-5600
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Leviton NSI – DDS-5600

DDS satellite dimmers are fully UL listed digital products that provide reliable, responsive performance with smooth, accurate dimming curves. Extensive epoxy encased toroidal filtering reduces the potential of dimmer generated noise. Individual channels are user assignable as dimmers or on/off relays for non-dim applications. All DDS Dimmers have built-in chase effects for stand-alone operation, perfect for all display type applications. The Leviton DDS 5600 Dimmer Pack provides a compact but powerful four channel dimmer/relay solution.
4 channel, 600 watt/channel, 20 Amp power supply cord dimmer/relay system. Micro-Plex and 0-10V analog is standard, 120V.


  • 4 individual dimmer/relay channels
  • Dual SCR circuit design ensures reliable operation
  • External fusing for each individual channel
  • Toroidal filtering reduces audio interference and extends lamp life
  • User select for dimmer/relay operation
  • User select for soft start operation to increase lamp life
  • Internal jumpers activate 8 auto sequence control programs
  • Power on LED indicator
  • Sequence rate adjustable from 1 to 60 seconds
  • Available with 20 Amp power supply cords

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