MegaLite ARC Edge

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The ARC Edge is a powerful wall wash lighting fixture with a sleek design. You can group many fixtures, one next to the other, and the cable is concealed easily in the back of the unit forming a hidden track, allowing for a clean and simple installation. Perfect for remodeling projects where a compact unobtrusive unit is needed. The fixture measures 1 Meter long and has 64 tri-color RGB LEDs. IP 65 for outdoor or indoor installation. It is controlled and powered in the same manner as our 24V Ribbons, using our 24V power supply to power 5 sections and controlled via DMX 512 using the Ribbon Driver.



Mechanical Specifications

Connection: 4-pin cable mounted connectors W/weather seal
IP Rating IP 65
Fastening System: 2 Base Mounting & 2 wall mounting plates
Material: Aluminum Extrusion
Fixture: Rear Cable track
Fixture Packaged For Shipping
Size: 39.37” x 2.69” x 1.63”
Weight: 3.4 lb
Size: 40.5” x 4.5” x 3.5”
Weight: 4 lbs
Electrical Specifications

LED Quantity: 64
LED Type: SMD 5050
LED Lifetime: 60 to 100 thousand hours
Reflector Angle: 60°
Power Consumption: 21W
LED Voltage: 24V
Watts: 21W
Amps 0.42