MegaLite Deco Color Ribbon

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MegaLite Deco Color Ribbon 001


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The Mega-Lite Deco Color Ribbon is a flexible strand of RGB (red, green and blue) LEDs that can add a pop of color nearly any architectural feature indoors or outdoors. The LEDs are tri-chip giving you the color mixing capabilities. Lining a bar and illuminating a sign are just a couple popular applications for the Deco Color Ribbon, yet the uses for the fixture are nearly endless. This is an excellent decorative lighting fixture for restaurants, nightclubs, bars, casinos, cruise ships or any facility in need of an accent of color.

The LEDs are embedded into a flexible resin compound, making it rated IP 68 for outdoor use and more resistant against UV discoloration.

The Deco Color Ribbon is very simple to install. It has a strong 3M adhesive backing capable of adhering to most surfaces and comes with mounting clips. Mega-Lite also offers the Deco Ribbon Power Supply, Deco Digital Driver and Deco Repeater propriety to the Deco Ribbon series for powering, controlling and extending power to multiple units. These parts are connected to the Deco Color Ribbon via screw binding posts. The unit is cuttable approximately every 4” to meet the unique length required of your project.




IP Rating: IP 68 (To the connection point)
LED Quantity: 300
Red: 300
Green: 300
Blue: 300
LED Type: 50/50 SMD-Tri Colored
(Note: Due to the manufacturing of LED’S, LED are subject to slight variance of color with in a 5% tolerance)
Voltage: 24V
Avg rated Life: 30,000hrs
Operating temperature: -40ºc to 80ºc
Fastening System: 3M adhesive tape / 10 Mounting Clips (included)
Led Spacing: .65” / 16.6mm
Cuttable Every: 3.93” / 100mm


Fixture Antistatic Bag Packaging
Size: 16’4″ / 5 Meters L, .55″ / 13mm W, .24″ / 4mm H
Weight: 1 lbs
Size: 10.5″ L
10″ W
1″ H
Weight: 1.25 lb