MegaLite Drama LED W

Available for:  New Purchase , Rental, Event Production


MegaLite DRAMA LED W 001

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The DRAMA LED W is a hard-edge, professional profile fixture. It provides superior color rendering and beam quality. The light source is a 120 watt white LED. It also has dimming, strobe and macro (pre-programmed) channels. The fixture is programmable via DMX 512.

The DRAMA LED W is powerful and efficient. The use of LED technology decreases power consumption and increases lamp source life when compared to conventional profile fixtures.

The beam angle is customizable with 19°, 26°, 36° and 50° lens options. The profiler allows custom shapes to be displayed. The fixture has a silent fan that keeps it cool. It is lightweight at 11 lbs. It has a digital display for ease of operation.



Mechanical Specifications

Lamp: 120W LED lamp
DMX Connectors: 3pin XLR connector in and out
Power Connection: Nema 515
Fastening System: Single Yoke
Lens Options: 19°, 26°,36°, 50°
Power Supply: Electronic 100v220v AC
Fan: 90mm Silent Fan
60mm Silent Fan
Power consumption:
Watts: 295
Amps: 2.46
Protocol: DMX 512
Display: Digital LED Display
Operating mode: 3 Mode Operation
Mode A 1 Channel Dimmer
Mode P 2 Channel Dimmer, Strobe
Mode F 3 Channel Dimmer, Strobe, Macro
Fixture Packaged For Shipping
Size: 22” x 22.75” x 14.25”
Weight: 11 lb