MegaLite Enlighten ONE Lighting Console

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MegaLite Enlighten ONE Lighting Console 001

MegaLite Enlighten ONE Lighting Console 002MegaLite Enlighten ONE Lighting Console 003 MegaLite Enlighten ONE Lighting Console 004 MegaLite Enlighten ONE Lighting Console 005


Enlighten ONE Lighting Console is specifically designed for House of Worship and Stage Lighting Control. With an easy to use system of creating buttons as looks or sequences, running the Enlighten Stage Lighting Control Software this console gives you the power and flexibility you need. This all in one unit gives the lighting operator a hands on, solid control experience. The Enlighten ONE Lighting Console is assembled in the US.



• All-in-one lighting console
• 4 universe output
• Artnet capable
• 8 High Quality sliders
• 1 grand master
• 1 manual crossfader
• 11 jog wheels for attribute and function control
• 1 external USB port/ using powered,internal USB hub
• 8 Bump buttons
• 32 Assignable or preset direct access buttons with dry erase area
• LED backlit button show user interaction
• Programming and playback function in one unit
• USB connection LED indicatorPower Requirements
• 12V – 1.5 A power adaptor included

• 31″ x 16″ x 3″

Road Case
• Unit come with road case

Hardware Specs
• Built in Intel motherboard and processor running at 2.8 GHz
• 40 gig Solid State Hard Drive
• Windows 7 Embeded OS
• Dual Video Display Capable- DVI and HDMI outputs
• Audio in and OutHardware Connection
1 – 12 V 5A power connector
1 – DVI Output 1 – HDMI output
1 – Ethernet for up to 16 universe Artnet Outputs
1 – Audio in and Out
1 – midi in/out connectors
1 – on/off switch
1 – Keyboard and Mouse Ports
4 – Built In dmx512 universes (2048 channels) + 16 available artnet outputs
Software Specifications

• Program looks step by step without the wizard with ease.
• Patch fixtures from a list of available profiles or create your own
• Palette presets is the foundation of the programming system (position Presets)
• Palettes are automatically created on Patching or can be made custom
• Easy to create Fixture Groups creation
• Unlimited pages of buttons that trigger Still Looks, Sequences, Multiple Buttons and Timeline schedules
• Multiple Views to arrange graphically fixtures in different rooms or areas
• Direct fader Control with virtual Wheel Controls gives better direct control
• Expandable Up to 24 Universes (CPU and USB interface dependent)
• Each button can have named scenes list for direct scene access
• Step by Step Wizard walks the user through creating a look or sequence
• Unlimited fixtures and buttons
• Shape Generator for movement with Offsets
• Easy Backup and Restore of Entire Shows
• Printable Patch List -Password protection for User Only Mode
• LED Matrix engine and LED Macros 

• Stack as many buttons (Playbacks) as needed
• Each Look or Sequence can be Locked for house or ambient lighting
• Button Groups allow for multiple Fixture types on a single page
• Color Coded Button Groups allow for sub master, manual crossfade, or auto crossfade with adjustable crossfade times for each group of buttons
• Full Screen Video Can be played along with Lighting Scenes
• Move any button to any position on screen
• Easy Assignable keyboard shortcut for each button
• Easy Assignable to Hard Control Surface buttons and Faders
• Adjustable DMX Refresh Rate -SOLO mode for any fixture -Live control override at any time