MegaLite N-E Color Par 64

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MegaLite N-E Color Par 64_001

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The N-E Color Par 64 is creative color changing fixture with endless possibilities for color mixing. The fixture’s narrow beam is great for highlighting structures and warming truss. The effects of the N-E Color can be programmed via DMX12 or controlled via the a multitude of preset sequences. There are 168 10mm LEDs in all, giving the unit it’s brightness. The LEDs of the N-E Color Par64 are grouped in a way that makes for even light output.



Mechanical Specifications

DMX Connection: 3-pin XLR connectors
Thermal: Maximum ambient temperature 35° CMaximum surface temperature 80° C
Fastening System: Mounting Yoke
Fixture Packaged For Shipping
Size: 16″L x 11.5″W x 17.25″H
Weight: 5.7 lb
Size: 9.25″L x 9.25″W x 19″H
Weight: 6.80 lb
Electrical Specifications

LED Quantity: 168
(Red: 60; Green: 54; Blue: 54;)
LED Diameter: 10mm
LED Lifetime: 60 to 100 thousand hours
LED Angle: 35° ( ± 5° )
Power Switchable: 115V 50/60 Hz
Ballast: Magnetic