MegaLite RGBlink Driver

Available for: New Purchase, Event Production

MegaLite Driver


Driver controller is the only piece of equipment required between the video source and your LED screen.The device takes a digital video(DVI)input and converts it so it can be sent over a single CAT-5(RJ45)cable to the tiles.Compare with normal RJ45 connector,driver controller use ether-con soft-patched connectors to make sure lock connection and better protection for the CAT5 cable.If using good quality cable,distances up to 100 meters(300feet)are easily achievable without the need for any signal booster.A single controller can drive up to 1280*1024(2048*640)resolution(up to 142 pcs P6 tiles).Driver controller is ready for cascade up to two pcs controller with push button settings,and support much higher resolution application.The mapping of each tile is also programmed with this controller,using a user friendly PC application.



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