MegaLite RGBlink RMS 5533 & 5533s

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MegaLite RMS 5533

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RMS 5533

RMS 5533 is a 19″ 3RU standard rack mounting LCD monitor,with 3 high resolution 5″ LCD panels. Each with independent input controlling, 800*RGB*480,and wide viewing angle.Each LCD on RMS 5533 accepts 1 Composite video, 1 DVI / VGA and 1 USB, and has 1DVI / VGA and 1 Composite video loop through output. The RMS 5533 has a 2- pin pole 12V DC power connector for all the 3 LCD panels.


RMS 5533s

Same as the RSM 5533 but with SDI input and through as well.



Coming Soon.