MegaLite RGBlink VSP 3600

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MegaLite VSP 3600


The VSP 3600 is a dedicated seamless Video wall Processor and it does have some features not found on any other RGBlink models that make setup easier, multi display windows, DSK and rotary capability. VSP 3600 offer the advantage that when basic video wall control is not required, it can be used for seamless switching and scaling applications, and can setup as multi display windows with DSK effects and rotary possibility. In addition to local control via the front panel, control can be from the Windows Control Panel or the optional remote control panel CP 2048. The VSP 3600 is ideal for a wide range of applications requiring up to 4096*2304 resolution for multi display windows, DSK capability and rotary of high resolution content with the highest quality. Because of the remote control panel support and unprecedentedly super video processing functions, VSP 3600 supports full flexibility for rental and staging, and presentation.



DVI Input 2 Connector: Standard DVI-I socket
Supported Resolution:
SMPTE:1080P50, 1080P59.94/60,720p50,720p59.94/60;
VESA: 800×600×60/75/85Hz,1024×768×60/75/85Hz,
Signal Level: TMDS pwl,single pixel input,165MHz bandwidth
Standard: HDMI 1.3
DVI Output 2 Connector: Standard DVI-I Interface
Signal Level: TMDS pwl, 165MHz bandwidth
Supported Standards:
VESA: 1024.768.60Hz,1280.720.60Hz,1280.768.60Hz,
1280.1024.60Hz, 1360x768x60Hz,1366x768x60Hz,
1400x1050x60Hz,1440x900x60Hz, 1600.1200.60Hz,
VGA Output: Via Dvi (reference manual for more info)
Operation Modes Input button: Support programming configuration of every input channel signal
Dural-screen: Support background image o
Switch: Support arbitary channel switch with fade-in and fade-out
Power supply: 85-264V 2A IEC-3