MegaLite RGBlink VSP 628

Available for:  New Purchase, Event Production

MegaLite VSP 628


The VSP 628 is a multiple outputs video processor that accepts a wide variety of video signals, including RGB computer DVI, VGA video, HDTV HDMI video, S-composite video, composite video, 3 G SDI video, and can finish all the video input loop output. It combines truly seamless, fade in fade out, glitchfree switching with advanced scaling technologies to meet the requirements of high quality, high resolution video presentations. It supports user defined image size and coordinate, dual image processing, multiple splicing modes, several user configurations and multiple ways of controlling, lots of advanced functions in high-end show are available.



BNC Inputs 3
CVBS Loop-through 3
Supported Standards: PAL/NTSC 480i,576i
Signal Level: 1Vpp±3db (0.7V Video+0.3v Sync ) 75 ohm
VGA DB15 Input
VGA Loop-through
Connector: Standard DB15 socket
Supported Standards: VGA-UXGA
Signal Level: R、G、B、Hsync、Vsync:0 to1Vpp±3dB (0.7V Video+0.3v
Sync ) 75 ohm black level:300mV Sync-tip:0V
Supported Standards: VGA-UXGA (800*600@60, 1024*768@60, 1280*1024@60,
DVI Input 1
DVI Loop-through
Connector: Standard DVI-I socket
Supported Resolution:
SMPTE : 625/25 PAL, 525/29.97 NTSC, 625/50p PAL 525/59.94p
VESA : 800Å~600Å~60Hz, 1024Å~768Å~60Hz ,
Signal Level: TMDS pwl,single pixel input,165MHz bandwidth
Standard: HDMI 1.3
S-Video Input 1
S-Video Loop-through
Connector: DIN4 Socket
Supported Standards: PAL/NTSC 480i,576i
Signal Level: Y:1Vpp±3dB (0.7V Video+0.3v Sync ) 75ohm U/V:0.7Vpp±3dB 75ohm
DVI Output 2 Connector: Standard DVI-I Interface
Signal Level: TMDS pwl, 165MHz bandwidth
Supported Standards:VESA:800Å~600Å~60Hz,1024Å~768Å~60Hz,1280Å~768Å~60Hz,
VGA Output 1 Connector: Standard DVI-I Interface
Signal Level: R、G、B、Hsync、Vsync:0 to1Vpp±3dB (0.7V Video+0.3v Sync )
75 ohm black level:300mV Sync-tip:0V
Supported Standards: VESA: 1024×768×60Hz,1280×768×60Hz, 1440×900×60Hz,
Operation Modes Input channel configuration: support each input channel signal programming configuration
PIP: Support PIP、PBP for any two inputs
Transition effects: Fade in and fade out switching between any two inputs
Power supply: 85-264V 2A IEC-3