MegaLite UniColor CM5

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The Mega-Lite UniColor is a fully customizable, compact and impressively robust LED fixture. It gives new meaning to phrase “custom made”. There are 5 ways to custom make your UniColor CM5 by selecting the LED, the beam angle, the body color, DMX connection and LED wattage.

The UniColor gives you the option of a single LED color. The LED color options include Red, Green, Blue, Amber, Warm White, Cool White and Ultra Violet. It is the ideal fixture for those who want maximum intensity of a single color. The Warm White, Cool White and Ultra Violet LEDs are available in 3-watts or 5-watts. The Red, Green, Blue and Amber LEDs are available only in 3-watts.You also specify the beam angle of your firxture from optional 15° 25° 45° or 60°.

Custom color housing gives you the option of over 200 of body colors, making it ideal for custom architectural installations.

The UniColor has 5-pin DMX connection with or without wireless DMX and optional 3-pin connection also with or without wireless DMX. The UniColor offers the flexibility of only getting wireless DMX where you need it and not where you don’t.

The UniColor performs. It has a smooth, flicker free dimming curve and is silent making it a superior choice for film, staging, theatre, restaurants and much more. Broadening the scope of the UniColor even further, the UV option makes it a perfect choice for laser tag, bowling alleys and Halloween themed events. It is controlled via DMX 512, using one or two channels for intensity and has on board memory to create presets for intensity.

The UniColor is completely assembled in San Antonio, Texas, delivering on quality and peace of mind. Barn doors are also an available accessory for the UniColor.



Mechanical Specifications

DMX Connection: XLR 3 pin & 5 pin in/out
Power Connection: Nema 5-15
Thermal: Maximum ambient temperatureMaximum surface temperature
Fastening System: Dual mounting yoke
Fixture Packaged For Shipping
Size: 13.25” x 9.86” x 6.75”
Weight: 8 lbs
Size: 16” x 9.5” x 9.5
Weight: 9.5 lbs
Electrical Specifications

LED Quantity: 18 3 Watt or 5 Watt
LED Refresh rate : 400Hz (flicker free)
LED– Lifetime: Average 60,000 to 100,000
Power Supply: Electronic Universal 100-240V 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption: 3 Watt 5 Watt
Watts: 62 94
Amps: 0.87 0.97
Protocol: DMX 512
DMX Modes Mode 1 1 Channel Dimmer
Mode 2 2 Channel Dimmer, Strobe
Display Settings: Master Slave
Stand Alone
Ordering Information

Item Number LED Color Beam Angle Fixture Color DMX Input
7100 18x3W WW Warm White 15 15° BLAK Black 3 3 pin in and out
CW Cool White 25 25° WHIT White 5 5 pin in and out
7101 18x3W RE Red 45 45° XXXX Custom 3W 3 pin in and out
& Wireless DMX
GR Green 60 60° 5W 5 pin in and out
& Wireless DMX
BL Blue
AM Amber
7102 18x3W UV Ultra Violet
7103 18x5W WW Warm White
CW Cool White