MegaLite XL 1200

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PR Lighting launches its new XL 1200.This highly versatile projector uses a powerful 1200wts short arc discharge lamp, a power that is later enhanced by its high quality and super efficient optical system making the XL 1200 one of our brightest projectors in the market. Major features include: large-scale linear zoom, CYM color mixing, two rotating gobo wheels plus one fixed gobo wheel, a color temperature correction from 0-100%,bi-directionally rotating indexable prisms, linearly adjustable frost, focus and dimmer, iris and much more. The XL 1200 also features ultra-quiet and smooth operation with advanced control technology, an energy saving design, LCD menu, sensor system for fault diagnosis, display setup without main power, isolating protection when ground is not connected, modularized construction, and choice of magnetic or electronic ballast.



Voltages PR-2910:100/120/ 200/220/230/240V AC, 50 /60 Hz ,
Electronic ballast
PR-2910M: 200/220/230/240V AC, 50 /60 Hz,
Magnetic ballast
Power Consumption PR-2910: 1500W@220V
PR-2910M: 1600W@220V
Lamp PHILIPS MSR Gold 1200 SA/2 DE discharge lamp
Color Temperature: 7500K
Lumen output: 103000 lm
Or OSRAM HMI 1200W/S discharge lamp
Color Temperature: 6000K
Lumen output: 110000 lm
Socket: SFc10-4, double-ended
Manufacturers Rated Lamp Life: 750 Hours
Colours Linear CYM color mixing system (8- or 16-bit) with macro function
1 wheel with 6 dichroic color filters plus white
With variable speed, bi-directional rainbow effect
Stepper/linear color changing is available
Gobos 2 Rotating gobo wheels:
5 interchangeable gobos(glass) +white on each wheel,
indexable, and bi-directionally rotatable at variable speeds (8- or 16-bit)
1 Fixed gobo wheel:
7 interchangeable gobos +white,
bi-directionally scrolling at variable speeds
Gobo “shake” function
Gobo diameter: 36.3mm
Gobo image diameter: 31.5mm
Prism/ Frost 1x linear lens, 1×3 facet prism, and bi-directionally rotatable at variable speeds.
Linear frost effect, 0~100% adjustable
Color Temperature Correction Linear color temperature correction(8- or 16-bit) Animation (Effect) Wheel 1 replaceable effect wheel, bi-directionally rotating at variable speeds
Beam Angles Linear from 12º ~34º and 40º (8- or 16-bit) Focus 2m- infinity, linearly adjustable (8- or 16-bit)
Dimmer 0-100% linearly adjustable (8- or 16-bit) Iris 10~100% linearly adjustable (8- or 16-bit), macros
Strobe/Shutter Double strobe/shutter blades, 0.3~12 F.P.S Head Movement Pan 450º, Tilt 270º (8- or 16-bit)
automatic Pan/Tilt position correction
Adjustable Pan/Tilt speed
Control DMX512, 3pin, 5pin interface Display LCD, brightness and contrast adjustable, display setup without main power, fixture and lamp usage time display
Energy Saving Design Lamp power consumption reduced to 575W at shutter
closing status or via Control channel
Net Weight Electronical ballast (PR-2225): 18Kg
Magnetic ballast (PR-2225M): 23Kg
Net Weight PR-2910: 35Kg, PR-2910M: 47Kg Gross Weight PR-2910: 48Kg,PR-2910M: 60Kg
Packed Dimensions PR-2910/PR-2910M: 67cm×69cm×77cm Packed Quantity 1 PC
Channels Short Mode: 24, Standard Mode: 29, Extended Mode: 37
Self-test mode
Housing Composite plastic (IP20)