MegaLite XL Beam 300

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XL Beam 300 is a 300W moving head with an exceptional number of features. It uses the Phillips Fast Fit MSR Gold lamp, with superior optics that provide 22,000 lumens of output. There are seven rotating gobos that are easily interchangeable. What makes this fixture so robust though, are the range of additional features. It offers three beam angle options – 6 degree zoom, 9 degree frost and 20 degree heavy frost. There is a linearly adjustable focus, dimmer and iris. And, it is a CYM colour mixing fixture with 7 dichroic colour filters. The XL Beam is a unit that is equipped to impress.



Voltages Electronic ballast(PR-2330):
100V/120V/200V/220V/230V/240V AC, 50/60Hz
Magnetic ballast(PR-2330M):
100V/120V/200V/220V/230V/240V AC, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption Electronic ballast(PR-2330): 400W@220V
Magnetic ballast(PR-2330M): 470W@220V
Lamp PHILIPS MSR Gold 300/2 FastFit
Color Temperature: 8000 K
Lumen output: 22000 lm
Socket: PGJX28, single ended
Manufacturers Rated Lamp Life: 750 Hours replacement
Colours Linear CYM color mixing system (8- or 16-bit) with macro function
1 wheel with 7 dichroic color filters plus white
With variable speed bi-directional rainbow effect
Step/linear color changing is available
Gobos 1 Rotating gobo wheel:
7 interchangeable gobos+ white
Indexable, bi-directionally rotatable at variable speeds
Bi-directionally scrolling at variable speeds
Gobo shake function
Gobo diameter: 25.7mm, image diameter: 23mm
Head Movement Pan 450º, Tilt 270º (8- or 16-bit)
automatic Pan/Tilt position correction
Adjustable Pan/Tilt speed
Beam Angles Standard: 6°
With Light Frost: 9°
With Heavy Frost: 20°
Focus DMX controlled focus
Dimmer 0-100% linearly adjustable Iris 10~100% linearly adjustable (8- or 16-bit), macros
Control DMX512, 3 pin, 5 pin interfaces
15 channels in short mode, 19channels in standard mode,
and 24 channels in extended mode.
RDM protocol ready
Master/Slave mode
Stand-alone mode
Self-test mode
Other Functions Adjustable Pan & Tilt speed
Fixture and lamp usage time display
LCD display menu in English
Energy saving function of the ballast
Adjustable fan speed
Built-in analyzer for easy fault finding, error messages
Input signal isolating protection
Weight Electronical ballast(PR-2330): 17Kg
Magnetic ballast(PR-2330M): 24Kg
Housing Composite plastic (IP20)