MegaLite XLED 336

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The XLED 336 is an ultra compact, automated wash light with an incredibly bright 8° beam. Then, with the use of the included diffuser, it can become a 16° wash unit in seconds. The RGB color mixing is controlled via DMX 512 to achieve numerous different beam colors. This moving head is ultra quiet, making it great for recording studios and other applications where noise is a concern. It has a very small footprint, weighing 9 lbs. In a grouping, the XLED 336 fixtures make a dramatic visual impact.



Key Features:

  • OSRAM OSLON 3W (12R+12G+12B)
  • 90-264V AC 50/60Hz (140W@220V)
  • The lighting output close to 250W discharge lamp
  • RGB color mixing + linear CTO (2,700K~10,00K)
  • Field Angle 17°, Beam Angel 8° (without Frost Board)
  • Field Angel 32°, Beam Angle 16° (with Frost Board)
  • Lens Angle 8°
  • 1-100% linearly adjustable dimmer
  • Electronic strobe 0-20 F.P.S.
  • Channels: Standard Mode: 12, Extended Mode: 16
  • Pan 540°, Tilt 270°, speed adjustable
  • Pan and Tilt Swap and Invert function
  • Water-proof: IP20
  • DMX 512, Master/slave mode, Stand-alone mode,
  • Built-in mode
  • Fixture usage time display
  • Software version display
  • Modular structure for easy maintenance