MegaLite XS 250

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NOW ETL LISTED! The XS 250 is excellent low power stage lighting, which have served the users for a long time through its reliable performance.



Voltages 220V, 50Hz
Options:100V/120V/200V/220V/230V/240V AC, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 370W
Color Temperature: 8500K
Socket: GY9.5, single ended
Manufacturers Rated Lamp Life: 2000 hours replacement
Or OSRAM HSD 250/78
Color Temperature: 7800K
Socket GY9.5, single ended
Manufacturers Rated Lamp Life: 3000 hours replacement
Or GE CSD250/2/SE
Color Temperature: 8500K
Socket GY9.5, single ended
Manufacturers Rated Lamp Life: 3000 hours replacement
Colours 1 wheel with 12 dichroic color filters plus white With variable
speed bi-directional rainbow effect Step/linear color changing is available
Gobos 1 Rotating gobo wheel:
7 interchangeable gobos+ white, glass or metal gobos can be fixed
Indexable, bi-directionally rotatable at variable speeds
1 Fixed gobo wheel:
10 interchangeable gobos+ white
bi-directional wheel scrolling at variable speeds
Gobo “shake” function, “Morphing” effect
Gobo diameter: 22.5mm, Gobo image diameter: 17mm
Prism/ Frost 1×3 facet prism, bi-directionally rotatable at variable speeds
Beam Angle 16° Focus DMX controlled focus
Dimmer 0-100% linearly adjustable Shutter Double shutter blades, 0.3~12 F.P.S
Control DMX512, 3 pin, 5 pin interfaces
12 channels in short mode, 16 channels in standard mode,
and 18 channels in extended mode.
Master/Slave mode, Stand-alone mode, Self-test mode
Sound control mode
Head Movement Pan 540°, Tilt 270°with auto position correction
Energy Saving Design Lamp power consumption reduced to half power at shutter
closing status or via control channel
Other Functions Adjustable Pan & Tilt speed
Fixture and lamp usage time display
Sensor Fault Diagnosis System
Automatic fan speed control
Input signal isolating protection
Modular, service-friendly construction
Weight 22Kg Housing Composite plastic (IP20)