MegaLite XTD 1300H4

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The Xtd-1300H4 amplifier is designed for the most demanding pro touring audio or high end permanent installation users. Some of the features include a light weight design with a heavy output. A copper heat sink ensures that all power transistors operate at the same safe temperature. Another benefit to the copper heat sink, over traditional aluminum, is larger surface area for cooling with small radiator type properties, with thinner walls than that of the thick aluminum. Plus copper heat sinks weight less than traditional aluminum reducing the weight.

A high efficiency type TD circuit is used to insure perfect sound quality. The regualated switching power supply can provide a stable output even if under extreme conditions of +/- 20% of HTE electricity.

Many protection circuits have been designed to ensure a reliable operation:
1. Power On/Off transient protection
2. Temperature protection
3. Overload protection
4. Short circuit limit protection
5. Ultra-high frequency protection
6. Limiter protection
7. Soft start protection


Key Features

• 4 Channel Inputs
• High Power Output
• DC Fault Power Supply
• DC Fault Power Supply Shut Down
• Efficient Copper Cooling System
• Regulated Switching Power Supply
• Protection Circuitry for excessive output current

Input Impedance: 10k0hm,electronically balanced
Model: Xtd 1300H4
8ohm Stereo Power: 1300W x 4
4ohm Stereo Power: 2300W x 4
2ohm Stereo Power: 2500W x 4
Signal Noise Ratio: 112dB
Channel Separation: ˃70dB
Frequency Response: +0/3dB
Input Connectors: XLR 3 pin
Output Connectors: Speakon NL-4
Power Connection: Nema 5-15
Power Requirements: 110V
Dimensions: 19” x 3 1/2” x 16”
Weight: 31 lb