Mega-Lite – Indi Par RW 300

Mega-Lite Indi Par RW 300

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Mega-Lite Indi Par RW 300

Mega-Lite – Indi Par RW 300 – battery powered, Bright RGB tri colored LEDS that are IP (outdoor) rated, and have built in wireless DMX, the Indi Par RW 300 gives you the flexibility to go outdoors or indoors, without being tethered to any cords. This battery operated, IP65 rated, color changing lighting fixture is the perfect addition to your tool kit. It is powerful and energy efficient, designed with 12 3-watt tri-RGB (3-in-1) LEDs. The professional fixture’s tri-RGB LED configuration produces a bold, smooth wash. Operate the fixture on battery mode or simply connect it to power. The standard cabled fixture fits well into any lighting rig.

The Indi Par RW 300 has wireless DMX built-in. It has three modes of operation and features master slave function. The unit is equipped with a digital display for easy programming and on board operating. It’s DMX connectors are Neutrik Heavy Duty 3-pin XLR IP 67 DMX and it has a Nema 5-15 to weather sealed Nuetrik power connection.


DMX Connectors: Neutrik 3 pin XLR NC3FXX-HD-D and NC3MXX-HD-D IP 67 connectors in and out
Power Connection: Weather Sealed Neutrik True Power NAC3FX-W Connections to Nema 5-15 adapter (included) Weather Covers for unused connections (included)
Fastening System: Single yoke
Display: Digital
Lens Angle 15º
Size: 13.12” x 11.85” x 5.75”
Weight: 7lb
LED Quantity: 12
LED Type: Tri-RGB
LED Wattage: 3 Watts
LED Lifetime: 40 to 80 thousand hours average
Refresh Rate: 6000K (flicker free)
Power Input Voltage: 110V-240 50/60 Hz
DMX Wireless DMX
Power Consumption: Watts: 57; Amps: 0.75
Battery Power: 10.4Ah 22.2V Lithium rechargeable battery
Charging Cycles: 300
Battery Life At Full: 8Hr average
Battery Life Colors: 12Hr average
Protocol: DMX 512
Operating Mode: 3 Modes
Mode 1: 3 Channel R,G,B
Mode 2: 4 Channel Dimmer, R,G,B
Mode 3: 6 Channel Dimmer, R,G,B, Strobe, Macro
Special: Master Slave Function