Midas – Venice 320

Midas – Venice 320
Venice 320Midas - Venice 320
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Midas – Venice 320

The Midas – Venice 320 compact 32-channel analog mixer puts big-console performance and features into a smaller-format unit that’s easy to use and packed with features. Midas built the Venice 320 to work for everyone from FOH engineers to do-it-yourself stage performers, without sacrificing an ounce of the sound quality you expect from Midas products. This mixer features premium preamps and components, a very responsive EQ section, plenty of flexible I/O options, and great headroom, all built into a lightweight chassis. You get solid-gold performance and great value from the Venice 320!

Small-format consoles get the Midas touch
Engineers and producers asked for it, and here it is: Venice, Midas’s first truly compact console. The Venice console does exactly what was asked in that it provides a high quality alternative in a huge number of applications where previously Midas was not an option. These range from smaller conference or live band applications to effects returns or additional inputs in a large multi-console application, or as part of a small complete mobile system.

Mixing yourself? Here’s your console
Venice consoles also provide the perfect feature set for live acts who need to mix their own FOH and monitor sound from onstage. These mixers are compact and light enough to fit on even the most cramped performance area.

Big-console component quality in a compact unit
Midas took care to provide high quality mic preamps and a stable, responsive EQ section, just as they do on their larger consoles. Midas consoles always incorporate the very best microphone preamps available. Venice uses an updated version of the groundbreaking Midas XL3 microphone preamp, which uses Midas’s own "long-tailed pair" circuitry. This means that the Venice preamp has ample headroom and gain range to accept both microphone and line-level signals without any pad or range switching. The simple but intuitive outputs make the overall configuration of the console extremely quick and easy to use.

Get maximum frequency response, minimum distortion
To retain the natural qualities of many different sorts of input signals, a console must be able to handle incoming signals across a very wide frequency range with lowest possible distortion. The maximum input capability of Venice is +22dBu, enabling the console to deal with even the hottest line signals within a 15Hz-100kHz frequency range. High-value EMI suppression filters shelter the signal-path from unwanted external noise, one of the fundamental Midas design specialities.

A console with decades of experience behind it
Midas has been designing and manufacturing live performance analogue and digital audio mixing consoles for the world’s most demanding live sound engineers, performers, and production rental companies since the early 1970s. Here’s your chance to put the proven quality, reliability, and great sound of a Midas console to work for you. Call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer for more information about these fantastic compact consoles.  


  • 32 channels (32 mono + four stereo, six aux, four bus)
  • EQ: 4-band sweepable
  • Direct output
  • Six mix sends
  • Four audio sub groups
  • Two stereo masters
  • Includes dust cover
  • Connector for desk lamps: 2x12V/5W (4-pin XLR)
  • Rotatable connector panel
  • 120V
  • Dimensions: 35.7"x22.4"x7.6"
  • Weight: 59.6 lbs.


  • Mono inputs (Mic/Line) with inserts: 24
  • Stereo-Line/Mono-Mic-Input Channels: 4/4
  • Stereo-Effect-Returns (Line): 4
  • Stereo-Tape-Return (Line): 1 left/right
  • Busses: 15
  • Subgroups: 4
  • Aux Pre-Fader (Monitor): 2
  • Aux Post-Fader (Effects): 2
  • Aux switchable Pre/Post-Fader: 2
  • Master L/R: 2
  • Mono-PFL: 1
  • Stereo-AFL: 2
  • Total inputs: 46


  • Subgroups (with Inserts): Four impedance balanced 1/4" jacks
  • Aux pre-fader (monitor): Two XLR (balanced)
  • Aux post-fader (effects): Two impedance balanced 1/4" jacks
  • Aux switchable pre/post-fader: Two XLR (balanced)
  • Master (with inserts): Two XLR (balanced)
  • Master B out (switchable mono/stereo, pre-post fader): Two XLR (balanced)
  • Tape send (recording): One stereo (phono)
  • Direct outputs (1/4" jack): 24
  • Stereo headphones: Two stereo 1/4" jack
  • Stereo speakers: Two impedance balanced 1/4" jacks
  • Input Impedance: Mic: 2k balanced; line: 20k balanced
  • Input gain mic: Continuously variable from 0db to +60db;
    line mono channel: continuously variable from -20db to +40db;
    line stereo channel: continuously variable from -20db to +20db;
    line level inputs: 0db
  • Maximum input level: Mic: +22dbu; line level inputs: + 22dbu; line mono channel: + 42dbu line stereo channel: +28dbu

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