SWR Goliath III

SWR Goliath III
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SWR Goliath III 4X10 Cabinet

The Goliath III cabinet comes with four 10" PAS bass drivers and a Foster horn for clarity. It’s able to handle 700 watts and the will give you frequency response down to 40Hz. The Goliath works with any of SWR’s pro heads, and is extremely durable, made of high-grade plywood, with stamped steel, vibration-free grill, and a metal input panel.


  • Bottom Slot Port
  • Spring Loaded Rubber Grip Handles
  • Black Ozite Carpeting with Stack Lock Corners
  • Chrome Stamped Steel Vibration-Free Grill
  • High Quality Metal Input Panel with Heavy-Duty Attenuator
  • 1/4 in. In/Out and Speakon Jacks
  • Horn Protection Circuit
  • Removable Casters

Speaker Compliment

(4) 10" PAS Drivers
(1) Foster Horn

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