Used Midas Venice 320 for Sale

Used Midas Venice 320 with Flight Case

ASKING PRICE: $2200.00


Used Midas 001


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  • 24 mono input channels plus four stereo channels which can be used as either a dedicated input for stereo sources (keyboards, playback etc), or as an additional mono microphone input, with separate input trim controls.
  • The extremely linear and noiseless VENICE pre-amp enables the operation of both microphone- and line-level signals up to +22dBu without external switching or an additional pad switch. A hi-resolution gain pot allows fine adjustment over the entire gain range.
  • 48-volt ‘phantom power’ (for condenser microphones and active DI boxes) is switchable individually per-channel, rather than globally, from the connector panel. Two yellow LEDs indicate ‘phantom power’ status on both the control surface and the connector panel.
  • A second-order Butterworth hi-pass filter set at 80Hz with enable switch allows effective elimination of unwanted low-frequency noise, such as stage rumble.
  • Insert points are provided on all mono inputs for connection to external pro-cessing, and are right after the hi-pass filter in the signal path. All mono channels also feature direct outputs (for connection to additional FX or direct to multi-track recording) which operate post-fader, but which can be internally reconfigured to be pre-fader and post-EQ if required.


Mono-Inputs (Mic/Line) with Inserts: 24
Stereo-Line/Mono-Mic-Input Channels: 4/4
Stereo-Effect-Returns (Line): 4
Stereo-Tape-Return (Line): 1 left/right
Busses: 15
Subgroups: 4
Aux Pre-Fader (Monitor): 2
Aux Post-Fader (Effects): 2
Aux switchable Pre/Post-Fader: 2
Master L/R: 2
Mono-PFL: 1
Stereo-AFL: 2
Subgroups (with Inserts): 4 impedanced balanced 1/4 inch jacks
Aux Pre-Fader (Monitor): 2 XLR (balanced)
Aux Post-Fader (Effects): 2 impedanced balanced 1/4 inch jacks
Aux switchable Pre/Post-Fader: 2 XLR (balanced)
Master (with Inserts): 2 XLR (balanced)
Master B Out (switchable Mono/Stereo pre-post Fader): 2 XLR (balanced)
Tape Send (Recording): 1 Stereo (Phono)
Direct Outputs (1/4 inch Jack): 24
Stereo-Headphones: 2 Stereo-1/4 inch jack
Stereo-Speakers: 2 impedanced balanced 1/4 inch jacks
Additional Features
Connector for desk lamps: 2 x 12V/5W (4-Pin XLR)

Size: 35.7 x 22.4 x 7.6
Weight: 56.9 lb.